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Ocean Parkway Runners Scores All Around Victories at The 2017 NYC Marathon!

Great job all around OPRs! Finishing a marathon is an accomplishment that only .05% of the population can lay claim to!

Congrats to Ari Baum on a tremendous performance not only first place in our club with a sub 3-hour marathon, but negative splitting the NYC course, no easy feat!! Ralph Toussie logged in a respectable time of 3:25:09 with a sprained ankle. Imagine what this guy can do with 2 good feet!

Elliott Simhon showed that experience is still the most valuable asset you can bring to the start line. Despite having put in minimal training, Elliott made a decisive call in the first half regarding his pace and executed the second half with precision!

Believe it or not Ari wasn't the only one to negative split the course. Saul Kassin Kudos on your neg. split, textbook pacing ;) and surge for the last 2.5 miles of the race, finishing the distance in a cool 3:31:34.

Abe Nissim congrats on a PR of 3:42:52 shaving more than 17 min off his previous PR. Abe did a great job at keeping it strong during the last 10k of the race.

Taper? What’s that?? Despite running 10 miles the day before Lonnie Nyhkan Davis managed to run the distance in 3:37:42.

Morris Dweck had an incredible first appearance for the Marathon distance finishing in 3:54:39 not many people can say they finished their first marathon in Sub 4 hours!! If Morris’s training season is any indication, we’re going to see many more PR’s out of him!

Solly Elmann showed the resilience of the ultra-runner that he is. Solly sensed trouble before the half marathon mark but kept pushing through irrespective of what his legs had to say with a strong finish of 3:41:43.

Morris Elbaz put in a strong effort from the start he managed to hold on and pull a PR in his second marathon completing the race in just 4:15:35.

As if 1 race wasn’t enough, David Dayan ran 2 races in a week. Running the Poland Springs 5 Miler just 4 days before the marathon clocking in his last mile at a 6:29 pace. David completed his 3rd marathon in 4:18:49.

Gary Levy showed us that being mentally tough carries a lot of clout during the marathon distance, displaying incredible perseverance during the second half of the race. Finishing in under 5 hours during his debut Marathon!

Sol Setton having only 1 training run under his belt showed that will power and a lot of guts is one way to reach the finish line. Setton crossed the finish line in 5:04:04 not only earning a finishers medal but earning the title of the first OPR runner to finish 26.2 without any formal training.

Morris Sutton crossed the finish line strong in 5:13:58, shaving 40 minutes off his previous marathon.

A huge shout out to Maya Shlomo, despite not starting in the elite corral she managed to hold her phone in hand the whole way through and finished her first marathon in 5:42:56!

OPR girl power was on full display with Erica Sarway, Michelle Levy and Lisa Elo sticking together the whole way through supporting Lisa to the finish line in her first marathon completion. Not to be outdone Erica put on some impressive afterburners at mile 22 and pulled ahead for a strong finish of 5:31:06.

Albert Braha finished his debut 26.2 in just over 5 hours. His previous longest distance was 15 miles!

Albert Braha (yes our crew has 2!) started strong and ended strong for an impressive finish time of 3:50:41.

The OPR Team once again showed that bringing home the marathon victory above all takes heart and soul. From 6 am long runs to late night coaching calls every member of the teams’ comradery and spirit was on display from early in the training season through the finish line. Looking forward to seeing you all on the great OP!!

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