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Sponsor David J. Sutton
For NYC Marathon 2019



When David Sutton is traveling, you can usually find him carrying a bucket of fruit & salad around for lunch. Having formerly been a talented musician, composer, and photographer.


David was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in December of 2011 and turned to health as a new passion. He has personally navigated 22 years of debilitating chronic illnesses and learned to overcome them through diet and lifestyle changes.  David is thankful for the opportunity to guide others in their own path to better health.

During the day, David is a buyer for a family owned and operated business. He created, built up a maintains a successful toy division for the company. Year after year sales continues to grow and exceed sales expectations. He has many other responsibilities as a buyer, but when David gets into something. He usually gets into it hardcore and will do it to the best of his ability. His health transformation was no different.

When David isn’t working. You can usually find him swimming, biking, running or spending time with his family.


Having been formerly overweight and no exercise experience David has since then completed 3 New York City Marathons, multiple triathlons which include distances up to 70.3 miles. He’s even completed 100-mile bike rides.


David Sutton has been dealing with Type II Diabetes for 7 years with the massive support of his wife and children. He has dealt with depression, high blood pressure, ADHD and Chronic Cysts. David has been fighting diabetes naturally and managed to remove all medications from his lifestyle, lost more than 60 pounds and took control of his life.

David’s health transformation has given him a new lease on life. He studied many doctors that treat this condition naturally and ran with the information (pun intended).  He has read more than a dozen books on this lifestyle and follows many natural plant-based physicians. David’s knowledge in this lifestyle has given him happiness to share his success with other people. He has made it his mission to teach, help and guide others. David’s hopes and dreams he can pay his success forward so, that others too can feel like they’ve been reborn!


This will be my 4th time attempting New York City Marathon and my second time representing OPR in NYC. I personally love running with OPR. It's a group I feel a part of and I was part of something special from day 1. It makes me proud to run with OPR and support not only my great friends but knowing the money I bring into them will be greatly appreciated and used for great things that will help people. I love helping people and there's nothing better you can do for someone. 

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