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Sponsor Michelle Esquenazi
For NYC Marathon 2019

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 8.32.22 PM.png

Michelle Esquenazi started her running journey by signing up for the team SBH half marathon in Disney two years ago. 

From then she was hooked on running.  Working hard at all that she does.


On the days she is not running she is at the gym doing all different kinds of classes.  This past year became a trainer for others running the Disney Half Marathon with Team SBH. 

Naturally, the next step was to attempt the NYC full marathon. This is will be her first time and is very excited to be raising money for a great organization at the same time. 

OPR has become a part of her family -working on many events this year has been her honor. She does it with a smile.


From helping run the Team SBH /OPR Fast and furious 5k last summer , to helping organize our first annual dinner and first 5k in Brooklyn. She is behind the scenes helping out with whatever is needed.


Now is your time to support her in her first FULL marathon. 

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