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PPTC Cherry Tree 10 Miler Race for the Hardcore

Climate change was certainly in evidence today in Brooklyn as the famed "race for the hardcore" got softened a little this year. Instead of blistering winds and frosty temperatures, today's runners were caressed by balmy breezes and soft sunshine. Apparently some people still guzzled down hot chocolate, but seltzer might have been more appropriate!

Congrats to our very own Ralph Toussie who PR'ed today on his 44th birthday with a blazing time of 1:05:21 6:32/M.

Ralph gave it his all today and once again proved that age is only a number and hard work pays off.

Here are the stats for todays Ocean Parkway Runners who participated.

Ralph Toussie 1:05:216:32/M Placing 6th in his Age Group

David Shaoul 1:14:50 7:29/M

Daniel Benun 1:18:05 7:49/M

Eli Benun 1:24:52 8:29/MM

David Harari 1:37:10 9:43/M

David Balassiano 1:41:06 10:07/M

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