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OP Runners Take PPTC Turkey Trot!

A great day was had by all today at the annual PPTC 5 Mile Turkey Trot.

There was a great turnout of Ocean Parkway Runners who came out on a perfect running day. With over 2000 participants in this race, our group had some incredibly fast times and came in top 30 out of all 2000 racers.

The group was led by Mike B. who finished in 32:03 at an average pace of 6:25/M.

Right behind him was our very own Boston Qualifier Ralph T. who finished a mere 12 seconds behind Mike in a super fast time of 32:15 with a pace of 6:27/M.

Our youngest Runner Joel N. finished in in a speedy time of 42:58 with a pace of 8:38/M.

Joel has been trained by his father who recently had a PR running the Philadelphia Marathon. This father/son duo have been continuously getting faster and faster.

Great job to them both.

Our masters runner Gaby S. showed an incredible time finishing the race in 35:41 with a pace of 7:08/M. Gaby looked like superman out there today.

A big congrats to following Ocean Parkway Runners.

  • Michael B. 32:03 6:25/M

  • Ralph T. 32:15 6:27/M

  • Saul K. 33:55 6:47/M

  • Sally GS 36:25 7:17/M (Top Female)

  • Gary L. 38:39 7:44/M

  • Morris E. 40:10 8:02/M

  • Morris T. 42:18 8:28/M

  • Ralph N. 42:58 8:36/M

  • Joel N. 42:58 8:36/M

  • Aharon P. 46:23 9:17/M

  • David B. 46:39 9:20/M

  • Lawrence D. 46:42 9:19/M

  • Z.D. 47:03 9:25/M

  • Lottie B. 47:11 9:26/M (Female)

  • Abraham T. (Max's little Brother) 49:01 9:48/M

  • Adam A and Boys 52:38 10:32/M (Great job)

An honorable mention to David. DA (Rainman) for coming out to support and cheer the group. Also to David M. Cesar M. and Isaac D. for running part of the race with us and pacing the group.

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