September 17, 2019

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Managing the unexpected....


Training for endurance events is a combination of stress and recovery. When these two ingredients are combined in the right mix. Success happens.

The same can be said about the mental aspects of training and life.

Going into IMAC 70.3, I...

I am usually asked to write a race report after an amazing race about how hard I worked and how the stars aligned for a PR. Yes, there are anecdotal obstacles that always occur before, during, and after the race that makes victory even sweeter.

Today we are taking a dif...

There’s an old saying in Triathlon. You never forget your first…

Maybe it didn’t originate in triathlon, nevertheless it still applies.

The NYC Triathlon is a bit of a homecoming, it was the race that started it all 6 years ago. 

Much to the angst of my wife and kids. It...

Train Hard. Race Easy.

It’s a term many of you heard me say or write in the chat repeatedly. It’s one of my pillars for preparing for a race.

There are no surprises on race day. You don’t wake up suddenly fit and race faster than you did in training.

This sport like many...

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